Should You Hashtag On SoundCloud?


Now that hashtags have become part of our everyday lives with social media giant Twitter, it might also be a good idea to apply them to SoundCloud. But how do you go about this? There are several factors to consider when you want to introduce hashtags on SoundCloud. Let’s take a look at the whys and hows…

How Using SoundCloud Tags Increases Song Exposure

The first tags to choose are the most outstanding ones in your music. These can be genre tags and more specific ones, such as vocal tags. It’s important to remember that hashtags are usually not the first things people search for. They will likely miss your most prominent tags or choose a different one. A great way to get them right is to use a service like Tagboard. With Tagboard, you can create a single hashtag for your releases. This way, everyone you want to target is in one place!

The second factor to consider is the hashtags you should use on SoundCloud. The most common mistake people make is tagging their songs with too many tags (regarding SoundCloud tags). The general rule is to use one hashtag and add more if and when it makes sense. If you try and tag every song in the world with a million tags, not only do you stand little chance of anyone finding anything, but your tags also look unprofessional and spammy.

The best SoundCloud tags to get plays on your music

The most important part of a successful hashtag is congruency. You want to make sure that you are using the right tags at all times. This means more than just hashtags on SoundCloud. It also includes tagging on Twitter and other social media sites and naming your song with the correct genre tag.

Once you’ve done that, more people can find your music on all major social media outlets.

To get the most out of hashtags on SoundCloud, consider using them at events and during online chats. This will add credibility to your account while connecting with fellow artists. People can search for more specific ones that are descriptive of your song and yet not too generic. A great example would be a song tagged as “vocal dubstep”. If you think about it briefly, what does that tell someone looking at that tag? It’s vocal, dubstep, and some bass might be in there!

SoundCloud is a social media platform allowing people to share audio files, mostly music. If you have your own channel on the service you can upload up to two hours of privately hosted audio for free. Get more plays on SoundCloud because over the past few years, SoundCloud has become one of the favorite places for artists to upload their music. Do you want to know why so many musicians choose this service over others? The answer is simple: SoundCloud is all about interacting with your fans and getting comments on your tracks.