How do I grow my SoundCloud audience?

How do I grow my SoundCloud audience?

This is a question we’ve been asked several times so I’m going to give you all the basics on how to do it. We’ll start with some basic tips and then move into a more advanced guide for those of you that have already started playing around with SoundCloud promotion strategies.

Here are four ideas to try right now.

1) Add a link on your blog or website

If you have a website or blog, try adding a link to your profile or one of your tracks in the sidebar or footer. Don’t add it if it doesn’t make sense for your site- if all you ever post is dubstep, don’t expect much from visitors clicking through from a country music website.   Its quick and easy for you to add a link to your SoundCloud profile or one of your tracks with just a few clicks. If people reply to an email from you, they’ll be able to click on it and go straight to your page or listen instantly with the embedded player.

2) Use social media

Use social media! Consider adding your SoundCloud profile to your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ page. You can also use the cross promotion tool on the bottom of each track detail page on SoundCloud to share your track with other profiles on SoundCloud. Post to Facebook and Twitter regularly. Post to your Facebook Page and your personal account when you upload a new track. You can add a link from the “Share” tab on Soundcloud. Do the same for Twiiter, sharing links to your website or blog where appropriate.  You may need a separate soundcloud account for this if that’s a separate thing. Share on Google+ and Reddit. If you have a Google or Gmail account, you should be able to share tracks from the “Share” tab straight to your circles.  This is another great way to reach out especially as it will go straight to your mobile device as well.

3) Use the embeddable player

Use the embeddable player to share your tracks across the internet or an intranet, which is a private network within a company. You can use this player on blogs, websites and even in e-mails

4) Upload compelling content that makes people want to click play

For the best results, you need to upload compelling content that makes people want to click play. You can find out what tracks are working for your sound by clicking the “Actions” button under your profile name and then clicking “View all plays”. We will then provide play details that you can take action on to further promote your tracks.”

It’s fairly obvious, but don’t forget to share your SoundCloud account with friends, family and fans via all the usual social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter etc… Grow your SoundCloud followers, You can do this on the “Share” tab after selecting one of your tracks on Soundcloud.