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Facebook Comments
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Facebook Comments

Facebook Comments – USA targeted.

Speed: 30-50 Per Day

    • We can send Facebook comments to personal pages if the followers option is turned on and the profile is public.
    • Include a numbered list of comments and we will add them. Please leave space between comments also.
    • You must submit your Facebook comments as we don’t write ourselves.
    • Posts must have all country/age restrictions turned off for comments to work.
    • Please leave your post URL (s) in the description.

Why Buy Facebook Comments From RealSocialz?

When you buy Facebook comments, you’re essentially paying for referrals from people who have already had a positive experience with your brand. Buying comments for Facebook is a great way to get an edge on the competition and increase your brand’s popularity.

buy facebook commentsRemember that 70% of customers trust brand suggestions from friends, so this is a powerful marketing tool. Plus, RealSocialz sends 100% USA-targeted comments to your posts!

Social media is all about building relationships and trust. When you buy Facebook comments, you’re not only increasing your brand’s popularity but also building trust with potential customers. RealSocialz only sends 100% real, targeted comments from USA accounts to your posts, so you can be sure that they’re coming from people in your country!

Can You Get Facebook Comments Yourself?

Getting Facebook comments on your own can be tricky, but you can certainly do it. 


Here are a few tips for building up your post’s comments organically:

– Use popular hashtags related to your industry

– Post engaging content that encourages people to comment

– Run Facebook ads targeting people who are likely to be interested in your product or service

If you do these things above all, start buying Facebook comments from RealSocialz then you have a robust marketing campaign indeed! When purchasing custom USA Facebook comments, you can leave us a list of all the comments you want to appear on the status update. We will post these Facebook comments using 100% natural USA accounts!

How Does This Service Work?

Please leave us your Facebook post URL and a numbered list of your comments. Be sure to have your posts set on public, and if you have a personal profile, please enable the follower’s option. We require 24-48 hrs to set up your campaign, but once it starts, you will see real people from the USA commenting on your Facebook post!

Benefits of Buying Facebook Comments

There are many benefits of buying Facebook comments. Here are just a few:

– You’ll get an edge on the competition

– Your brand’s popularity will increase

– People will trust your brand more

– You can organically increase your post’s engagement

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a way to increase your brand’s popularity and edge on the competition, buying Facebook comments is a great solution. RealSocialz only sends 100% real, targeted comments from the USA accounts to your posts, so you can be sure that they’re coming from people in the USA! Trust the social media marketing experts to get the job done right and effectively!