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Buying USA comments for your Instagram posts will boost your business or brand’s visibility and reach. Rely on RealSocialz to greatly improve your Instagram social media marketing campaigns!

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After you order your organic USA comments we will begin to set up your campaign. The USA comments are delivered at speeds of 30-50/Day.

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Expect to get real USA users commenting on your Instagram posts. We are against all forms of fake accounts at RealSocialz!

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If you have any questions or problems at all our team is here to help 24/7. RealSocialz wants to make you happy!

Instagram Comments

Instagram Comments- USA Targeted

Speed: 30-50 Per Day

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We have built trust with our repeat clients over the last 10 years. Customers rely on us to deliver real USA Instagram comments to their accounts!

Why Buy Instagram Auto Comments?

-Buy Instagram comments because it creates the follow the herd effect. You will receive organic growth long after we have finished our work.
-We promote your IG posts to real people all over the USA to get real comments.
-Your business or brand will get authority and heightened engagements on Instagram.
-Our prices are a fraction of the cost of Instagram CPC.
-To use Instagram CPC you need to do split testing, write copy, and do graphic design for ads. Let us do all the heavy lifting!
-The more people you have auto commenting on your Instagram posts the more of an audience you have to sell your products to.
-People will not take you as seriously if you have a small amount of USA Instagram comments.
-These are real US people that will engage with your posts! They can be possible customers.

Are These Real USA Comments?

-These are 100% real USA Instagram comments absolutely!
-We use sponsored posts and Instagram ads to achieve USA comments.
-100% safe as we use Instagram ads to get non drop USA Instagram comments 🙂
- All USA comments will be related to your individual posts!

What Is The Process?

-Choose a USA comments package that fits your budget and hit order.
-Add your Instagram page URL and any special instructions.
-Your page must be set to public and not private.
-Follow the prompts and pay securely via credit cards or Bitcoin.
-You will be assigned an account manager and they will email you with all your order details.
-You can reply to that email at any time if you have any questions at all during the campaign.
-We require 24-48 hours of setup time.
-Your USA Instagram comments start rolling in naturally and we complete your package within the delivery time stated on the package you chose above.
-When we are finished you will receive a completion email so you know we are done 🙂
- A day or two later you will get an email inviting you to review the service. If you leave a review you will get a 15% discount coupon code!

More Reasons To Buy USA Comments For Instagram

-You will feel an instant rush of endorphins when you notice thousands of real people from the US commenting on your Instagram posts. This will raise your quality of life through happiness 🙂
-Organic marketing methods are used to get you real Instagram comments!
-Absolutely no drops or bots for our USA comments service!
-100% safe for your Instagram page.
-Buy real Instagram comments because it will grow your business or brand to reach new levels!

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RealSocialz is among the few companies on the internet where you can buy Instagram comments without the need for your account information.

Other companies can send real comments but need to gain access to your account and start a mass commenting campaign.

buy Instagram commentsThis is very risky for your account and lowers your account’s authority by having a high ratio of follows to followers.

We can boost your Instagram presence and marketing reach. Think about it how long and how much time would it take to gain 10,000 real Instagram comments organically…months? years?

Think of the costs of man-hours to market your page to achieve this. We can do this in days and you can focus on creating great photos and enjoying your popularity.

More Reasons Why Buying Instagram Comments Is Good

Another reason to buy Instagram comments from us is the fact that this raises your Instagram page’s authority on so many levels. An existing or potential client will go to your page and see all the interaction with all the Instagram comments.

When buying Instagram comments they will instantly look at your page in a new light. One with respect. It is a fact that when people land on Instagram pages for the first time and see engagement they are more likely to comment themselves and follow your page!

Buy Instagram comments to show activity on your pictures and prove that is important! You can buy USA Instagram likes also for your posts for added benefit.


More followers equal more Instagram exposure. More exposure equals profits and gaining the respect your business or brand deserves when buying Instagram comments.

You will find that after we add Instagram comments to your photo other people will comment on our Instagram comments and it creates great cross engagement on your Instagram photo!

This means that the people following you will see the conversation happening on your Instagram posts and comment on the Instagram comments that we do.

This is called the “follow the herd” effect and it is a powerful weapon in the world of Instagram marketing and a great reason to purchase Instagram comments from us!


Yes, you can leave comments on your pics inviting your followers to answer a question or make a thought-provoking comment. It is hard to get lots of Instagram comments organically because let’s face it people are lazy!

Moreover, if people don’t see any Instagram comments on your post then they are less likely to feel the need to comment themselves.

The more IG comments you have the more it is likely other people will interact with your posts! It gives your Instagram posts credibility when people see all the remarks you have gained.

Finally, it is better to use our services to gain Instagram comments because real people will be commenting on your posts.


You may want to add some Instagram likes when you buy Instagram comments to make your post more viral because if you have a post with 100 Instagram comments and no Instagram likes that would look kind of weird right?

Take advantage of this hot new service and get post-related Instagram comments for your most important posts.

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