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How can I increase my followers in Instagram?

To get more followers on Instagram you need to become active, original and promote your account. Think of an original name for your account that describes the content of the pictures you are going to post. Then start taking photos of subjects that interest you, be creative with the filters and share them on other social networks too. A good idea is also to use a website to schedule your posts so you don’t have to do it every time. Use hashtags but not too many, don’t overdo anything. In order to get more followers on Instagram it is important that they are interested in what you post and they find you interesting as a person as well as an artist.

Get the conversation started

Ask your followers to share their thoughts and ideas about what you post. Share some of the comments and show that you read them and prefer a more personal approach with your audience on Instagram. If you want to increase your number of fans in Instagram, first start by choosing an original name for the account as well as having fun taking photos which you will be surprised at how fast more people follow you. Grow your Instagram account with us Actively post pictures on a daily basis and use hashtags for maximum exposure but don’t over do it as this is an easy way to get flagged by Instagram. A good number of hashtags to use is around 7. Use a good, creative and original bio. Interact with other Instagram users by liking their photos and commenting on them. If they like your comments, they might check out your page and follow you.

Showcase your Instagram everywhere

This is a very important move. All your friends, but also their friends, everyone needs to know you have an Instagram account. Don’t just leave it there, promote it wherever you can- put stickers on your laptop or plan a photo shoot in which you hold up a paper with the name of your account. People are more likely to follow , on your website, on the websites of your friends and ask them to follow you. The more people will follow you back, the more chances you have at getting noticed by other users who will follow you as well. Don’t forget to fill in all the information about yourself so it is easier for people browsing through hashtags or related accounts to find

Post good content and contact other people.

There are many ways to get Instagram followers, but the best way is to post good content and contact other people on Instagram, for example by commenting on their photos. Furthermore it doesn’t take a lot of time because if you upload a photo once a day then that’s already enough. It is also worth promoting your Instagram account on your website and on the websites of your friends. If they like your comments, they might check out your page and follow you.

The most important thing to remember when getting Instagram followers is that quality is better than quantity. Don’t just blindly follow or unfollow users, because this account could be penalized and in the end, you’ll lose more than you gain. If you want to gain Instagram followers is that quality is better than quantity.