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Looking to get post related USA comments for your Instagram page? We provide real USA Instagram comments that works for reels. Buy Instagram comments that start as low as $8 today!
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RealSocialz USA Instagram Comments
10 USA Instagram Comments
One Time
USA Comments
Works For Reels
100% Real & Active
Post Related
Option: Submit Custom Comments
Option: Choose Gender
Optional Split: 1 Pic
Speed: 30-50/Day
100 USA Instagram Comments
Great Deal!
One Time
USA Comments
Works For Reels
100% Real & Active
Post Related
Option: Submit Custom Comments
Option: Choose Gender
Optional Split: 5 Pics
Speed: 30-50/Day
50 USA Instagram Comments
One Time
USA Comments
Works For Reels
100% Real & Active
Post Related
Option: Submit Custom Comments
Option: Choose Gender
Optional Split: 2 Pics
Speed: 30-50/Day
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How To Buy USA Instagram Comments

Get your Instagram page going viral with our USA comments

Select The USA Instagram Comments Package That Fits

Choose the package that fits your needs and budget. All of our packages include real USA IG comments!

Enter Instagram Post URL During Checkout

Give us your Instagram post URL and special instructions if any. No password is needed. Simple and easy!

Complete The Safe And Secure Payment Process

You can pay easily through all major credit cards or with crypto. All transactions are done through a secure SSL connection. Financial information is never stored! You will receive an email confirmation with order details and access to our dashboard to keep track.


You will receive an email confirmation with order details. Orders start within 1-2 days and are completed at the speed stated on the USA likes package chosen.

buy Instagram comments
Why You Should Order RealSocialz USA Comments Packages?


RealSocialz has been providing this service for 12+ years. We have thousands of repeat clients who rely on our social media marketing services to raise the popularity of their social accounts. If you are looking to build authority and trust then use our services.

Buy Instagram comments with us because use organic methods to get you real results.  We only succeed if you do so each of our packages is premium service only. Cheers to your success!

About USA Instagram Comments

  • Get USA Instagram comments with confidence that organic marketing methods are used.
  • Absolutely no drops or bots for our real USA comments service!
  • Expect only real human likes from RealSocialz sent naturally!
  • 100% active US IG comments for your Instagram posts or reels.
  • Build authority for your Instagram posts and promote your brand.
  • Speed: 30-50 Instagram comments per day.
  • Lifetime guarantee.

WHY Buy Instagram Comments From Realsocialz

RealSocialz is among the few companies where you can buy Instagram comments without needing your account information.

Other companies can send real IG comments but need to access your account and start a mass commenting campaign.

This is very risky for your account and lowers your account’s authority by having a high ratio of follows to followers.

We can boost your Instagram presence and marketing reach. Think about how long and how long it would take to gain 100 real USA Instagram comments organically…months? years?

Think of the costs of man-hours to market your page to achieve this. We can do this in days and you can focus on creating great photos and enjoying your popularity.

More Reasons Why Buying Instagram Comments Is Good

Another reason to buy USA Instagram comments is that this raises your Instagram page’s authority on so many levels. An existing or potential client will go to your page and see all the interactions with all the Instagram comments.

When buying USA Instagram comments, they will instantly look at your page in a new light. One with respect. It is a fact that when people land on Instagram pages for the first time and see engagement, they are more likely to comment and follow your page!

Buy Instagram comments to show activity on your pictures and prove that is important!

More Reasons To Work With RealSocialz

RealSocialz USA Instagram comments campaignMore followers equals more Instagram exposure. More exposure equals profits and gaining the respect your business or brand deserves when buying Instagram comments from the USA.

You will find that after we add Instagram comments to your photo other people will comment on our Instagram comments and it creates great cross-engagement on your Instagram photo!

This means that the people following you will see the conversation happening on your Instagram posts and comment on the Instagram comments that we do.

This is called the “follow the herd” effect and it is a powerful weapon in the world of Instagram marketing and a great reason to purchase IG comments from the USA with us!

Can I Increase Instagram comments On My Own?

Yes, you can leave comments on your pics inviting your followers to answer a question or make a thought-provoking comment. It is hard to get lots of Instagram comments organically because, let’s face it people are lazy!
Moreover, if people don’t see any IG comments on your post then they are less likely to feel the need to comment themselves.
The more IG comments you have, the more likely other people will interact with your posts! It gives your Instagram posts credibility when people see all the remarks you have gained.
Finally, it is better to use our services and buy Instagram comments because real people will be commenting on your posts.

Why Instagram Comments with RealSocialz

Your search for a reliable platform to buy Instagram comments ends here. At RealSocialz, we specialize in offering high-quality USA Instagram comments packages to help boost your Instagram presence.

Authentic Instagram Comments

At RealSocialz, we pride ourselves on providing real Instagram comments. That’s right! No bot or fake comments. We understand the importance of authenticity in social media interactions and thus, all the comments you receive will be from real Instagram users.

Engaging Content and Quality Services

Not only do we guarantee real comments, but we also promise engaging content. We work tirelessly to ensure that the comments you receive will be relevant to your Instagram posts, thus creating more engagement on your platform. And with our high-quality services, you can rest assured that your Instagram account will benefit.

Increase Instagram Engagement With Comments

Want to boost your Instagram engagement? Buy Instagram comments because our services can help! The more USA IG comments you have on your posts, the more likely they are to appear on the Instagram algorithm. This can lead to greater visibility, attracting even more followers to your profile.

Easy Ordering Process

Purchasing Instagram comments from RealSocialz is easy. Simply visit our website, choose your desired Instagram comments packages, and watch as we deliver your order directly to your Instagram posts. You won’t have to lift a finger!

Why Buy USA Instagram Comments?

There are a number of reasons to buy USA Instagram comments with RealSocialz. Here are 5 below.

  1. Increased Visibility: More comments on your posts increase the chances of being featured on the Instagram Explore Page.
  2. Boost Engagement: Real comments from active Instagram users increase post engagement and, thus, Instagram engagement as a whole.
  3. Draw Attention: Comments can pique the interest of other users, thus drawing attention to your posts and profile.
  4. Social Proof: A higher number of comments can act as social proof, indicating the value of your content to new profile visitors.
  5. Competitive Edge: In the world of social media, there is so much competition. Having more comments can help set you apart from your competitors.

Custom Comments Service

RealSocialz also offers a custom Instagram comments service. With this, you have the liberty to decide what the comments will say. This allows you to tailor the custom Instagram comments to match your content perfectly, thus increasing relevance.

Comment Diversity

We understand that different posts may require different comments. That’s why we offer a variety of comments, from random Instagram comments to custom Instagram comments. You can even select multiple posts to receive USA comments for Instagram, ensuring that all your content gets the attention it deserves.

Quick Delivery and Responsive Support

We value your time. Hence, we offer instant delivery of our services. Our team strives to deliver all your USA Instagram comments quickly and efficiently. Plus, we provide round-the-clock support to address any of your queries or concerns.

RealSocialz: Your Trusted Social Media Partner

At RealSocialz, we prioritize your satisfaction. With us, you’re not just buying comments, you’re investing in the growth of your Instagram presence. So why wait? Buy Instagram comments from RealSocialz today and unlock endless potential for your social media platforms!

Please note: The terms “Instagram,” “Instagram comments,” and “buy Instagram comments” are used in this article to optimize SEO. These terms are all related to our services at RealSocialz.

The Relevance of USA Instagram Comments

USA Instagram comments have a pivotal role in Instagram marketing. Here are a few reasons why they are indispensable:

Enhanced Engagement

USA comments on Instagram dramatically amplify the engagement of your posts. They draw the attention of Instagram users, boosting the likelihood of your posts being seen by a larger audience.

Evidence of Social Proof

USA comments serve as social proof. They reflect the worth of your content to potential followers, thereby significantly assisting in expanding your follower base.

Broadening Your Outreach

A high number of comments from the USA on your posts make it easier for your posts to land on the Instagram Explore Page, enhancing your visibility and broadening your outreach to potential followers.

Navigating Through Competition

In the intensely competitive Instagram arena, more comments on your posts provide you with a competitive advantage. Comments help your posts stand out among millions of others.

Real Instagram Comments from Real Users Across the USA

RealSocialz stands out from the crowd by providing real Instagram comments from active users based in the USA. Unlike other services that might use bot accounts or comments from users in regions unrelated to your target market, RealSocialz ensures that the Instagram comments you buy come from genuine, active Instagram users located in the USA. This geographic focus ensures the comments are relevant and beneficial to your brand’s growth in your target region.

Benefits of Buying USA-Targeted Instagram Comments

You might be wondering why focusing on buying USA-targeted Instagram comments is crucial. Let’s explore some of the benefits:

  1. Localized engagement: Instagram comments from USA users can lead to more meaningful conversations and engagement in your comment section. This results in posts that look popular and engaging to Instagram’s algorithm, leading to a boost in visibility.
  2. Attracting more USA followers: When other USA Instagram users see that your posts receive a lot of comments from fellow USA users, they’re more likely to follow your account and engage with your posts. This chain reaction can significantly grow your Instagram account in a short period.
  3. Boosts credibility: Real comments from real Instagram users based in the USA add credibility to your account. It shows that your posts are interesting and valuable to your target audience, which helps in attracting even more followers.

Ensuring Quality and Consistency

When you buy Instagram comments from RealSocialz, you’re not just getting a one-time boost in engagement. We understand that sustained, consistent growth is crucial to maintaining your Instagram account’s credibility. This is why we ensure that the comments keep coming steadily, enhancing your Instagram engagement over the long run.

Transparency and Customer Service For Custom Comments

buy custom Instagram commentsAt RealSocialz, we believe in being transparent with our customers. When you choose to buy Instagram comments from us, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting – real comments from active Instagram users based in the USA. Our team is also always ready to help you with any queries or issues, ensuring a seamless experience every step of the way.

To conclude, buying comments on Instagram from RealSocialz is not just a way to enhance your Instagram account’s visibility and engagement. It’s a strategic decision that can help you grow your brand’s presence on one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Don’t just take our word for it, try it out and witness the results for yourself!

The effectiveness of your Instagram account is not simply about the number of followers you have – engagement is equally, if not more, important. An active comment section is one of the best ways to boost your Instagram engagement. Here’s where RealSocialz comes into play. Our service allows you to buy Instagram comments from real, active users based in the USA, enhancing the visibility and credibility of your account.

RealSocialz Will Send USA Comments To Your Instagram Posts

When you choose RealSocialz, you’re making a strategic choice to invest in the quality of your Instagram presence. Here’s what one of our customers has to say about our services:

“I was skeptical at first, but I was blown away by the quality and the speed of the comments I received. They were from actual users and it made a difference in the overall engagement of my posts. RealSocialz truly delivers what it promises – real comments, real fast!” – Satisfied Customer

At RealSocialz, we not only deliver real Instagram comments but also take steps to ensure they are beneficial to your brand. We do this by focusing on three major aspects:

  1. Relevance: We understand the importance of having comments that are relevant to your posts. This is why we ensure that the comments you receive are from users who are genuinely interested in your content.
  2. Quality: RealSocialz ensures that the comments you purchase are not just generic phrases. We aim to provide comments that contribute value to your post and spark further engagement.
  3. Timing: With RealSocialz, you won’t have to worry about getting all your comments at once and then none after that. We understand the importance of consistent engagement and work to provide a steady stream of comments.

“Buying Instagram comments from RealSocialz was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. The comments I received were not only genuine but they were also relevant to my posts. This has helped increase the overall engagement on my account and attract more followers.” – Happy Customer

Comments For Instagrammers

Choosing to buy Instagram comments from RealSocialz can give your Instagram account the boost it needs to stand out from the competition. Today, boost your Instagram engagement, increase your credibility, and grow your follower base with RealSocialz!

Remember, Instagram is a platform where engagement is crucial. Buying USA Instagram comments can be the first step in boosting your Instagram presence and establishing your brand’s reputation on the platform. And there’s no better place to start than with RealSocialz. Give us a try and see the difference we can make to your Instagram account!

“The customer service at RealSocialz is outstanding. They answered all my queries and guided me through the process. The comments started coming in quickly and they were all from real users! I couldn’t have asked for a better service.” – Delighted Customer


You may want to buy USA IG likes when you buy USA Instagram comments to make your post more viral because if you have a post with 100 Instagram comments and no Instagram likes, that would look weird, right?
Take advantage of this hot new service and get post-related Instagram comments for your most important posts. Furthermore, we also offer auto Instagram comments to get comments on all your future pics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can buy 100% real USA Instagram comments absolutely! No bots, fake or foreign accounts,  and organic marketing methods are used to get custom Instagram comments.

Firstly, USA Instagram comments generate strong social signals to Google and can help you rank. Furthermore, people will not take you as seriously if you have a small number of comments on your post. Finally, our comments are 100% real and non drop.

  • Buy the USA Instagram comments package that fits your budget and hit order.
  • Add your Instagram post URL (s) and any special instructions.
  • You can choose to split the USA comments among multiple pics.
  • You can leave a tabbed list of comments and we can add them. No swear words or @ tags allowed!
  • Follow the prompts and pay securely through credit cards or cryptocurrency.
  • You will be assigned an account manager and they will email you with all your order details.
  • You can reply to that email at any time if you have any questions at during the campaign.
  • We require 24-48 hours of setup time.
  • Your real organic USA Instagram comments start rolling in naturally.
  • In conclusion, you will receive a completion email so you know we are done and you can order more!
I have whole conversations happening on my pics now after the comments dropped. Raised my pics engagement by 450% compared to my other pics. Thanks for the positive Instagram comments guys! Loving these are real comments from real people int he USA! YeeeHaww!