Does it matter how many likes you get on Instagram?


Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites on the internet. Many use the app to share pictures with family and friends, while some people (especially celebrities) use it to post more personal things like their location or new clothes they’ve bought. It’s even been said that people like to use it as a way to make themselves feel better by scrolling through the photos of others.

Instagram has become an increasingly popular social platform, and now more than ever people are looking for that extra push in the form of Instagram likes. Each time someone posts a picture up on their account they can see who liked their post. For some, they are only on Instagram to see how many likes they can get.

Find your inspiring brand.

Some of the most popular accounts on Instagram are verified celebrity accounts with millions of followers, and it’s said that these more popular accounts aren’t getting as many likes as they used to. Now, more than ever, people are buying their likes from companies like SocialMediaBoost – which offers a service that helps increase the number of likes you have on your post.

“[…] I have been looking at Instagram for about a year now, and it looks like every celebrity has less likes than there used to be,” said Storageroomie user Laylah Toler. “I think people are buying their likes to still look popular.”

Since the start of 2016, SocialMediaBoost’s number of likes per hour has increased by over 35 percent. Instagram is worth well over $35 billion, making it a very attractive place to sell products or services. This service is targeted towards those who are looking for that extra push in popularity on their posts.

Make your captions just as good as your photos.

Many people still think buying likes is something you should never do, and it’s often said to be a “cheap” way of gaining popularity. Celebrities like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber were both caught buying their likes for publicity purposes. SocialMediaBoost is the newest service that guarantees you more Instagram likes – but can it really help you grow your Instagram profile?

“[…] You can create a better strategy for getting likes on your posts, rather than paying someone else to do it,” said Storageroomie user Yolanda Wysinger. “I’m sure if you make a genuine effort in your photos and hashtags, you will get noticed.”

Currently, SocialMediaBoost is the only service that offers guaranteed likes on every post. Other companies like Instagress and PeerBoost are popular Instagram services, but they don’t guarantee their users results. It’s uncertain whether or not this will be the next big thing among celebrities, but for now it looks like buying Instagram likes will be here to stay..