Who is the biggest one hit wonder?

Who is the biggest one hit wonder?

It’s a difficult question to answer, but it is one that can be quite revealing. Maybe you had that song on the radio and thought “Wow, this person has a good hit going for them.” But as it turns out, they may have only been able to produce one big song. It happens more often than many people would think. A couple months, years or even decades later they are forgotten. This is the sad reality for many bands and artists out there. So let’s take a look at some of these one hit wonders, shall we?

The band that is easily the most famous one hit wonder is Chumbawamba.

You don’t know them?

Well that may be because they haven’t had a hit song since 1997.

But that is not to say they are bad. Their one big song was “Tubthumping” and it still gets played on the radio constantly all around the world, including in Canada. Chumbawamba are actually an English band out of Leeds who formed back in 1982.

They may have only had one big song but it is definitely not unheard of, and they are still loved to this day.

Another interesting fact about Chumbawamba is that several former members of the band formed another band called The Gits.

This band also had one big hit song, “Seether”. This song was originally by Veruca Salt but was remixed for The Gits version.

The last serious mention worthy artist on this list is Los del Rio.

You may know them by their more popular name “Macarena”. This song is actually an old traditional flamenco song with the same lyrics and style, but after Macarena many people started covering it. The most famous version is obviously Los del Rio’s Macarena though. They didn’t do much else throughout

Let’s take a look at one more band before we move on shall we?

Ben Folds Five was another fantastic band that had hits like “Brick”, “Song for the Dumped” and “Battle of Who Could Care Less”. But the band broke up in 2000 after only four studio albums. Since then it has been all solo for Ben Folds. The thing that makes this interesting is that he was the only one in the band to have hit songs before hand. The other three guys were more or less first time artists. Why did they break up?

No one knows for sure. But after such great hits, what would make them disband like that?

But these are not the only one hit wonders out there let me tell you! We could talk all day about bands and artists who had one big song. I will give you a few more:

Travis, Smash Mouth, The White Stripes, Tonic, Savage Garden – the list goes on and on.

One hit wonders are sad but true. They spend their whole life trying to make it big in the music industry only to be forgotten after one song. It’s a hard reality out there! If you are a brand-new artist and have your music on SoundCloud, you may boost your music and get likes and shares with the best program around:

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