Why Are My Instagram Followers Not Updating? Complete Guide & 5 Solution.

Instagram is a growing social platform that has gone from being just a social app to a source of advertising your brand.

Instagram users gain thousands and millions of followers and convert their profiles into personal brands. Thus they have the power to influence the opinions of their followers.

In such a case, it’s a widely searched issue that some users “Why Are My Instagram Followers Not Updating?”.

Thus, my friend, you are not alone. Keep reading because here we have actionable solutions to your problem.

Why Are My Instagram Followers Count Not Updating? 5 Way To Find Out The Reason

Why Are My Instagram Followers Not Updating? Complete Guide & Solution.People lose their interest in a topic or content. That is human nature. Maybe you are organically losing followers, and its nothing to do with the app itself.

If we over-simplify the issue, then it can be a reason that your Instagram followers count is not going up.

To learn more about it, keep checking the Instagram Analytics page to keep yourself updated about the new followers and those who are unfollowing your page.

Apart from this, there are 5 ways to fix the Instagram followers not updating.

1. Older Instagram Version

Sometimes your phone does not manually update the apps from the app store. So you have to update it manually. If you are using an older version of the app, go to the Instagram app in the app store and click on Update. Shifting to the newer version of an app can resolve the issue.

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2. App Cachet

Instagram app cachet stops its proper functionality. It can happen to any mobile application. But you can delete the Cache by opening the setting. 

Now go to the apps and find Instagram. Please open it and click on Clear Cache.  

3. Glitch In Instagram App

Sometimes, the Instagram application has a technical glitch. That has happened before. It can happen anytime; unfortunately, you can do nothing to fix it. The issue will resolve automatically; you can see the number of followers afterward.

4. Need Reinstallation

The quickest method to fix the issue is to delete Instagram from your mobile and Reinstall it from the store. Reinstalling the app will fix the bugs that are stopping the app from functioning properly. 

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5. Server is Down

When the Instagram App server is down, you see many problems at that time. Such as you are not able to log in, having trouble sending the message, or uploading posts or videos. Sometimes people lose a number of followers in such a situation.

In that situation, wait until the app recovers; if the issues persist, report the issue.

How Do You Refresh Instagram Followers?

Why Are My Instagram Followers Not Updating? Complete Guide & Solution.If your issue persists, then try refreshing the Instagram page. Alternatively, you can;

  1. Update the Instagram App
  2. Reinstall the Instagram app to refresh Instagram Followers
  3. Check the Analytics to know if there is a difference in the number of people following and unfollowing.
  4. Check the number of followers by logging in from another account to discover that your page has refreshed Instagram followers.

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Why Do My Instagram Followers Stay The Same?

It’s annoying because you can’t do anything even after trying all the possible solutions. But there are a few things that you can’t control, which are;

  • People leaving the Instagram platform by deactivating their accounts
  • Instagram blocks users who violate their terms are conditions. So Instagram suspends their accounts.
  • Instagram followers were fake on your page and unfollowed after a certain period. Now your account has few followers again.


Organic Instagram followers join and leave their social media accounts quite quickly. That’s why you see fluctuating numbers of followers on your account.

Alternatively, there is a glitch, or the Instagram server is down, so you can’t see the updated number of followers on the account. In any case, wait and try to apply all the above solutions. Moreover, you can report the problem to fix the bug.

We hope this article helps you with “Why Are My Instagram Followers Not Updating?