How To Get Likes on Instagram Without Hashtags? 4 Surefire Ways

If you don’t like piling on the hashtags but still want to get likes and followers on Instagram– we feel you. Instagram has a billion active users every month, and even with hashtags, it cannot be easy to notice your post.

In this article, we will tell you the four most important factors for how to get likes on Instagram without hashtags. 

How To Get Likes on Instagram Without Hashtags

More people are likely to search for a popular hashtag, but if everyone uses the same hashtags, the top pictures are constantly shuffled. For instance, the hashtag #ootd has more than 289 million photos on Instagram. Also, this figure keeps increasing.

So, if you are completely counting on the hashtags, here are five ways to get the lies on Instagram without them.

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How To Get Likes on Instagram Without Hashtags? 4 Surefire Ways

1. Tag Your Location

People use Geotags or Instagram’s Location tags the same way they use hashtags to find some posts.

If you often visit some popular places, tagging your location can lead your post to show up under the location’s list of tagged photos. 

It lets other people interested in the location to find it and follow you. 

But remember to be careful! It can be unsafe to share your whereabouts with strangers online, so posting after you’ve already left the area could be safer.

2. Use an Instagram Engagement Group.

Another great place to gain likes without hashtags is Instagram groups or pods. Instagram engagement groups or pods are great places to gain likes without using hashtags. 

Pods have several Instagrammers from similar business genres collaborate in private groups (often made on Instagram, Telegram, or Facebook) to boost their engagement through likes and comments. 

These groups sometimes have thousands of members.

3. Post Share-Worthy & Engaging Stories

How To Get Likes on Instagram Without Hashtags? 4 Surefire WaysThough only your followers check the stories you post, you can get more followers and, thus, more likes through engaging content. 

Say, for example, I like a story and find it interesting enough to take a screenshot of it and share it among my friends (with the user’s permission, of course. 

These could be anything from a beautiful sunset to a meaningful quote. Since the story has your username, the post will reach potential followers fascinated by the story.

This allows exposure to a whole new set of How To Get Likes on Instagram Without Hashtags.

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4. Post Frequently

Try to aim for one post per day to get maximum exposure. But at the same time, avoid spamming your feed which usually irritates your followers, and they end up unfollowing you.

Instagram works differently from Twitter, where your overall marketing efforts get damaged by overposting. 

So, it is best to avoid posting more than two times a day, or if you are posting several times, try to have a minimum of five to six hours between the posts.

But on stories, you can post more frequently but never overpost–the ideal number of stories per day is up to six.

We hope this article helped you query “how to get likes on Instagram without hashtags?”