Why Are My Followers Stuck On Instagram? Step By Step Guide and Solution.

Why Are My Followers Stuck On Instagram? Instagram is the biggest and the most beautiful platform to watch entertaining content and grow businesses.

Influencers and business owners constantly share posts to increase engagement and gain followers.

Often, it happens that their followers are stuck on Instagram, and for days and weeks, they don’t see any growth in their number of followers.

It’s certainly a point where you feel so much anxiety and think about what might have gone wrong with your content strategy.

Sit back and relax while I have solutions to your fears and concerns. I have helped countless customers gain followers and bring their Instagram growth back on track.

My Instagram Followers Are Not Adding Up!

Most people have experienced the issue that their followers count is not increasing. It can be a result of a simple glitch in the software. Yes, that has happened many times already.

It automatically resolves after a few days. If this is not the case,, it certainly points towards the second issue.

Your followers are not adding up with the same consistency as they previously did.

ThisThis means that your content does not offer a variety that a viewer might want to see. So they are losing interest; thus, your account is not adding organic followers daily with the same frequency.

It is also seen that if someone’s account is stagnant at a specific number, then the number of people following the page and leaving the page is equal.

Thus they do not see any increase in their followers. Because a number of there is no significant difference between the number of followers joining and leaving the page. So the numbers look pretty much the same in the end.

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How Do I Fix My Stuck Instagram Followers?

Why Are My Followers Stuck On Instagram? Step By Step Guide and Solution.Here are 4 ways to fix the issue on the Instagram profile. That will ensure rapid growth and will show the exact number of followers on the profile.

  1. Make sure that you have the updated version of the mobile Instagram app. Some older versions have bugs that do not show the exact number of followers.
  2. Suppose you have a profile that targets a specific audience. Let’sLet’s say you have a clothing page; then you should attach the relevant hashtags to your posts to attract more people coming for the same searches. This will increase your visibility to a bigger audience. Instagram allows 30 hashtags with each post. Make sure to use a good cluster of hashtags that make you stand out among thousand of other similar pages.
  3. People are unfollowing you because you are not describing your posts well enough. Create an engaging post by writing great copy under your post. Most of them do not have time to read, but a few read and convert into permanent followers.
  4. You have to create new and exciting content to hold the old followers and get the new ones. We know that’s sometimes exhausting. But it is the best strategy that attracts the Instagram algorithm and increases your page visibility. Thus it will help you in bringing new followers.

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Why Are My Instagram Followers Not Going Up? 

If everything in your account runs perfectly, you see no reason why your Instagram followers are stuck. Then you can reinstall the Instagram App from your App store.

There can be any error in the version installed on your phone. Reinstalling the app and having the latest version will resolve the problem.

How Do You Refresh Instagram Followers?

Why Are My Followers Stuck On Instagram? Step By Step Guide and Solution.You can improve how your profile looks when a new visitor approaches it.

Hence you need to refresh the 

  • Display pictures that reveal personnel, brand, or business most attractively.
  • Write a compelling copy of the service in the bio; those 150 characters can hold the visitor and convert them into followers.


Instagram is a useful app that allows you to grow your business. You can reinstall the app, improve the content on your page, or consistently post the content to hold followers and gain new followers.

We hope this article helps you “Why Are My Followers Stuck On Instagram?’