Is it hard to get noticed on SoundCloud?

Getting noticed on SoundCloud is very difficult as the number of users is constantly growing. It used to be easy when there were fewer people, but today it takes much more effort. Even if you have the best tracks ever, there are too many other artists uploading their music that you need to get heard over all of them.


Let’s say you want to make it easy on yourself and get noticed more often by the people who follow you naturally (which is not always real fans but sometimes close family, friends, or random users). How do you? I’m going to preface this by saying that if your music doesn’t live up to at least some of your followers’ standards, they’re not going to want to hear it much. So make sure you get better at producing or mixing music before spending too much time trying to get heard on SoundCloud.

More Attention With Tags

Use keywords that describe your tracks in the tags for every track you post on SoundCloud. For example, let’s say you’re posting a rap song – include words. Is it hard to get noticed on SoundCloud?

The Key To Getting Noticed

Build a following by providing great content! If you can’t make good music (or don’t want to), you must provide good content with your music that people want to read about, like interesting stories or funny things. People love reading news and blogs (and watching funny videos) so use this for yourself to get noticed on SoundCloud with posts! Another idea is providing exclusive content for anyone who wants it; maybe they’ll share the tracks if they’re exclusive.

Earning Followers Naturally

This is done by ensuring your tracks are good enough to follow you. This is important because people want quality music, not just tracks you’ve thrown together (even if they only take 5 minutes). That means no bad mixing, either! If the track has good sound throughout and any mastering is subtle and not take over the track, this will help you get noticed on SoundCloud.

Draw Attention To Your Music

Many artists on SoundCloud might want to share your music with their fans (or maybe even their friends). So do whatever it takes to make that easier for them; give them the option to share your tracks with their followers/friends. This might be an interesting graphic or some funny text, and they might help you get noticed on SoundCloud if their fans like what you’re doing!

Be Consistent

If you want someone to notice your music, publish it every week (or at least every month). If people follow you, they’ll notice when you upload something new and maybe listen to it. This might be enough for some track to get noticed on SoundCloud!

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You don’t need any of the above points to get noticed on SoundCloud. If your music is good enough, people will follow you because of it. More popular bands will get noticed on SoundCloud more often than smaller bands simply because their music is good enough for people to want more of – this might not be the best strategy, but it’s an effective one.