How do I make my SoundCloud go viral?

Although becoming popular on SoundCloud may seem like an unattainable dream, it is possible to become well-known on SoundCloud by taking advantage of elements that can truly make a track spread across the network. To create a successful song, one must study the music of others and implement what works into your track. This same logic should be applied to promoting your track on SoundCloud.

If you understand how content is shared across the site, then you can find ways to improve that process for yourself. Once you know how people share songs, then you will know how to get your songs shared.

Here’s a list of some strategies used by many successful artists to get your SoundCloud track to go viral:

Get Featured on Music Blogs To Go Viral

Email influential music blogs and ask them to review your tracks or do an interview; this will get you more listeners and followers. You can also add a prominent link to your website in your tracks so users will be directed to your official webpage. You can find out which blogs post about similar artists by searching for keywords like “indie” and “rock.” Find contact information for these sites through Google, Facebook, and Twitter! – the list is out of date.

Local Radio Stations To Go Viral

If you are active in your local area, it would be wise to send your tracks to any radio stations that might cover similar music. This can also allow for more exposure if the people working at the station play your track on the air. Since this is an offline promotion method, it may.

Engage With Others To Go Viral

You must develop a social media presence to get new fans on Soundcloud. Once your social media accounts are established, you should start promoting your Soundcloud account actively. Use Social Media to engage with potential fans and show them that more music is coming soon. It’s also important to post regularly on your accounts so people will know where to find new music from you.

Putting out content ensures that users Post regularly, answer comments, and respond to messages quickly. Also, follow other music-related people – they may listen to your tracks and follow you back! MySpace is similar to SoundCloud in some ways regarding social media promotion.

Share Your Music on Social Networks To Go Viral

Share your SoundCloud links on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to get more users Spotify. Not only will you gain more followers, but this can also raise awareness of what you are promoting. Just be certain, not over-post the same thing! -this is unprofessional.

Touring To Go Viral

Touring is a great way to gain exposure. If you take your music on the road and play at local clubs, you will get more fans–and hopefully, press! The more people that hear your music, the better.

Spending Money to Promote Yourself One of the most expensive ways to promote yourself is through online ad services.

The key to gaining listeners on SoundCloud is getting your tracks to spread like wildfire, and the best way to do that is by using these strategies. Keep experimenting with different kinds of content and take advantage of all social media options.

Use hashtags correctly in your titles, complete your profile so people can access all your information, and use other social media sites to publicize the SoundCloud link for your track. Most importantly, stay active on SoundCloud—the more tracks you upload, the better opportunity you have to be discovered.

And finally, have a little patience—it is not easy to become famous on SoundCloud. Boost SoundCloud plays with a SoundCloud Playlist Promotion, and with time and dedication, you can achieve your goal of becoming an online sensation.