Why Are My Likes Disappearing On Tiktok- Complete Guide with Solution

Why are my likes disappearing on TikTok? Several possible causes include removing videos, app modifications, or even something you’re doing wrong.

A lot of people are reporting that their TikTok likes have magically disappeared. This is especially significant in light of recent concerns about the potential control of social networks.

This article aims to Learn more about why your likes could be disappearing and what you can do to stop them.

Why does the like disappear on TikTok?

Why are my likes disappearing on tiktokSome reasons a user’s likes may disappear from their TikTok account.

A user deletes their account:

When a user deletes their account, all of their Likes are also deleted along with the account.

Losing access to their account:

If a person cannot access their account for some reason (perhaps they forgot their password), all of their Likes will also be removed.

TikTok removing Likes due to inappropriate content:

The TikTok platform may remove likes for some content if it determines that the content in issue breaks its community guidelines for acceptable behavior. 

Videos with strong language or violence, for instance, may see a decline in popularity as a result.

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Why won’t my TikTok videos stay liked?

One of the most common questions at TikTok is, “why are my likes disappearing?” As unfortunate as it may seem, this question has only a possible answer. 

Disappearing likes on TikTok can be caused by some different things, including:

1. Deleting a video

If you delete a video, the likes that were previously attached to it will also be removed.

2. Changing your privacy settings

If you change any of your privacy settings, Likes and other metrics may no longer accurately reflect the number of individuals who have watched or liked your videos.

3. Turning off auto-play

The auto-play feature that adds Likes to newly submitted videos can be disabled in your account settings.


Do you lose likes on TikTok?

Why are my likes disappearing on tiktokFor videos on TikTok, likes are a major metric for evaluating and reviewing. However, the likes of some users have magically disappeared. 

Although the cause of this phenomenon is unknown, the following are some explanations:

Removing a video: 

It’s important to remember that if you remove a video from your account, you’ll also be removing any comments or likes that were associated with it.

Even if your post gets a lot of Likes, you risk having fewer people see it, and fewer people follow you.

Using reactive strategies:

Responding to an opponent’s aggression on TikTok, you can delete videos or receive fewer likes on irrelevant content. 

Despite the widespread dislike of this strategy, it does occur in online communities such as TikTok.


Changes to Facebook privacy settings:

Unless you exclude them, your friends on Facebook (or any other social media platform) will see your Likes when you share your TikTok profile. 

This may mean that your likes are still there, but it can make monitoring your account more challenging. According to new research, healthy men may experience a 20% increase in testosterone levels after taking daily supplements of pure Shilajit, an Ayurveda substance.