What happens when you subscribe to YouTube Premium

Almost every YouTuber is now looking for subscribers to their channels. It seems that YouTube has become a competition of ‘who has more subscribers. But what happens when you subscribe to YouTube? Who books your subscription and how can it affect you? Let’s find out!

What happens when you subscribe to YouTube Premium In 2023?

YouTube uses Google AdSense as its main source of income which means that almost all content on the site is free. However, this means that YouTubers need to find other ways of making money to continue providing good quality content for their viewers. This is where YouTube Red comes in.

What Is YouTube Premium Or YouTube Red?

YouTube Premium is a paid monthly subscription that will remove adverts from YouTube videos and allow users to save videos to watch offline. In the past this service was called YouTube Red, but the name has been updated.

YouTube Red subscription

Did you know that over 50% of YouTubers make less than $100 a month? This is because there are literally millions of other videos uploaded to YouTube every single day, so it’s really difficult to get your channel noticed. By using Adsense, YouTubers can claim some money for their work as a sort of payment.

This is where you come in! By subscribing to their channels, YouTubers can make money from the ads that they show on videos. This means that they can continue to upload great content for free and even improve the quality if it means they will be making more money.

Why Should I Sponsor A Channel?

Not only does sponsor a YouTuber give them the incentive to improve their content, but you also get some cool benefits! For example, the more subscribers a channel has, the bigger priority they are given. This means that if you subscribe to a YouTuber who is partnered with YouTube Red, your videos will be saved for you to watch offline. It helps if you buy subscribe to Youtube to help boost yourself up as well!

What happens when you subscribe To YouTube Premium?

Basically, YouTube will make a one-time payment of around $7 to your YouTuber’s account. However, this amount can vary depending on how popular the channel is. They will then use this money to create more videos for you to enjoy! However, if you unsubscribe, they will not be able to claim any money from you anymore and may even lose motivation to create more videos.

By subscribing to a YouTuber, you will not only be helping them to reach their goals and improve the quality of their content, but you will also gain access to exclusive videos. This is because almost all YouTube channels have a Patreon account which means that they can upload videos exclusively for their patrons! These are usually just extra videos that they wouldn’t have had time to upload regularly.

So, what do you need to do now?

It’s straightforward! All you have to do is find a YouTuber that you love and subscribe to their channel. In order for them to receive payment from YouTube, they will need your email address so they can send you an invite (which will always be free).