What are the unspoken rules of Instagram?

What are the unspoken rules of Instagram?

What are the unspoken rules of Instagram?

This is a question that has been asked so many times about an app people have on their phones. There really aren’t any rules to follow on Instagram but some people will post things on their profiles and expect certain reactions from it. This question is not only directed towards the app itself but also the people on the app.

The answer of “what are the unspoken rules of Instagram?” is up for debate and will be answered differently by everyone. People can create their own rules or follow someone else’s but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t breaking any other rules on IG.

1.) Breaking The Rules On Instagram

On the IG profiles there is a little gear looking thing. It is to alter your settings and provide you with more access on your profile. One of these options allows you to make your account private, which means that people have to request for them to follow you or else they can’t see anything about your account. This option has been used but not enough to be considered a rule.

Another thing people do is, they post pictures on Instagram story of themselves in bikinis or underwear and get mad when men are liking their pictures. The reason for this is because it’s on Instagram, which means it can be viewed by anyone at any time so you should be expecting the attention.

2.) Unspoken Rules of Instagram

People will create their own rules for IG because everyone has different ways they want to be viewed by others. It’s okay to have your own rules as long as you are following the rules that are already set out for IG. You can’t expect people to follow your rule if it doesn’t line up with the basics of Instagram. The main unspoken rules of Instagram are…

-Don’t post any personal information on your profile. (birthday,address,phone number)

-Be mindful of what you’re posting and who’ll be able to view it.

-If you want something deleted or edited don’t put it on your profile or someone will take advantage of your kindness.

-If you’re mad about something turn off your IG app or take a break from social media.

3.) Rules of Instagram

The rules that are already set out are to be followed by everyone on Instagram so they can have a positive experience on the app without disrespecting other people’s privacy, feelings, and anything else that might come up during the use of the app. Some examples are…

-Don’t post nudity on your profile, even wearing a bathing suit is considered “nudity”.

-Don’t comment or like anything that will reduce someone’s self confidence or make them feel bad about themselves.

-No bullying, body shaming, or any other negative comments.

-Never post personal information on your profile so people can’t use it against you or stalk you.

The unspoken rules and the set out rules around Instagram may not be known by everyone but they’re there for a reason. So please, follow them if you want to have a good experience with the app and your followers. Your Instagram story might not be as fun if you don’t follow the right rules to make it entertaining.

It is up for debate on what rules people will post and what they think about other’s posts but it really doesn’t matter because everyone has their own opinion. It is nice to see people having fun with their Instagram profiles, but please, do not go against the ‘rules’ to have fun. That’s not what Instagram is about!