The Power of Instagram Video Views

What Is Instagram Videos?

Wouldn’t it be cool to share pictures with your friends as to what you’re doing at that time? OK, maybe not those exact words but something along those lines was the original idea that led to creating one of the most famous photo sharing apps in the world called Instagram. Owned by Facebook and having over 400 million users worldwide, Instagram has become the go to app if you want to post a picture online. Since it has its own edit function people prefer to post pictures to Instagram, edit them and then share that picture to other social media. This is compared to posting those videos directly to those social media websites.


The Facts About Instagram Videos

In addition just photos and pictures, Instagram allows you to post short videos as well. Before when you posted a video in Instagram you judged how the video fared based on the number of views and hearts it got. But recently they introduced a feature called views which as the name suggest allows you to see how many views that video has gotten. Now a lot of people can benefit from this and here’s how. Suppose you’re a small business and you want to boost your brand up a little and you have social media pages for that business including Instagram.

When you post that video you can share it to multiple social media sites simultaneously as it gets uploaded. Like mentioned before that Instagram has over 400 million users and it is the go to app to share pictures, as soon as you upload your video it is now open to those people and they will view that video.

How Important Is Instagram Views For Videos?

Once your video enough views it will feature on the trending page where it will get even more views, these views will get you further following which will market your brand. Heck you can buy Instagram video views from us and unleash the power of viral campaigns on your favorite video. This is an automatic process and think of it as rolling a snowball downhill that turns into a big boulder of snow. Not only is your video becoming viral on Instagram its becoming viral on other social media sites as well simultaneously because you decided to share them as you posted. Instagram is much faster paced as compared to other social networks so everything is happening over the span of a few seconds to a minute which is why it’s the perfect tool for short video sharing.


Finally, there are some concerns when it comes to video view counters. While other sites that allow short video sharing play the video automatically as you’re scrolling as is the case with Twitter owned Vine, Instagram is a bit different as it will only play the video when you click on it. It will only count the video view once it has been watched for at least 3 seconds. Though this may show lower numbers, it does however allow us to clear the confusions as to which views are legitimate and which are counted as the viewer was scrolling and was only counted because it auto played.