Steps to Drive More Web Traffic With Instagram

It’s no secret that I tout the value of Instagram for marketing functions. I truthfully believe that there are numerous needs to benefit from the platform. However one of the most significant reasons is fairly just that Instagram drives higher quality leads than other social media sites. And you can drive more traffic with Instagram with a couple simple steps. Steps to Drive More Web Traffic With Instagram




Getting Web Traffic On Instagram

You take a look at, numerous individuals constantly complain that Instagram isn’t marketer friendly. I do not always agree with that. In fact, I believe it’s marketer friendly in many methods. However the reality is that you need to work for it on Instagram.

You’re right, there’s no clickable links in the post captions/comments. It’s hard to direct traffic to your website like it is on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. I comprehend that this is not “online marketer friendly”.

But that does not imply you cannot drive traffic to your website. You simply have to attempt a little more difficult to capture your audience. And, the traffic I do get from Instagram is greater quality, more engaged, and more likely to produce outcomes. Due to the fact that visitors have to work to obtain there. They need to see your post, checked out the caption, find it interesting enough, click over to your bio, click on the link in your bio, and then finally arrive on your website.

How To Get Instagram Traffic

Yes, that’s a great deal of work for the average, lazy social media user.

However if you can get someone to go through that “headache”, then they in fact wish to be on your site. They actually wish to see what you need to provide. They really want to purchase what you’re selling.

You’re not getting high bounce rates– in fact mine are basically no when coming from Instagram. They’re going to remain on your website longer. They’re going to engage with your content or buy your items.

So now that you comprehend why Instagram traffic is so remarkable, let’s discuss how to drive more traffic!

Utilize the Link in Your Bio Effectively

The only place on Instagram where you can put a clickable link remains in your bio. Benefit from this property and include your website url. This link can be to any page you like; a landing page, a lead capture page, your blog page, an item page, or other page on your site.

And, you can alter this link as frequently as you like. If you’re running a contest, put the contest lead page as the link till the contest ends, and after that return the connect to the typical default page you use. If you have featured items for sale, put this product page in the Instagram bio then switch it back when the sale ends.

The crucial thing here is making it EASY for people coming from Instagram. You’ve currently got them to jump through hoops to get to your website, do not make them jump through anymore once you get them there.

Use a Trackable Link in Your Bio

A not-so-fun (it’s discouraging actually) aspect of the Instagram bio link, is that when somebody clicks on this link to go to your site, Google Analytics tracks this as direct traffic, not referral traffic from Instagram. For that reason, it’s almost difficult to see how much traffic you’re in fact receiving from Instagram.

The method around this is to use a trackable link in the bio. You can make use of a and even a (Google shortener) link which will enable you to see how many clicks that connect has gotten. That way you can really take a look at how much traffic you’ve sent out to your website. Just make sure that this link is specifically made use of on Instagram so you don’t have actually altered outcomes.



Use Clear Calls-to-Action in Your Post Captions

It’s all fantastic to have the link in your bio formatted and directed to the right place, but if nobody understands to utilize it, what good will it do you? Ensure you are being very clear in your calls-to-action (CTA) on Instagram that you want individuals to “click the link in the bio” or some other variation of this CTA.

If you inform them exactly what to do, and make it easy to do, they will do it.

Not every post has to have a CTA or direct them to your website link. However those posts that are developed to drive traffic must certainly have this clearly emphasized. You can even utilize capitals, symbols, or emojis to make the CTA stick out.

If you take careful steps to carry out these 3 methods into your Instagram account and posts, you will see more traffic, more organic Instagram followers, and much better conversions from that traffic!

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