Social Media Business Opportunities in 2021

Businesses are giving more to social media in their marketing efforts. Some ten years back, many people believed that social media popularity was a passing fad, but ten years later it has turned into a very popular way of cultivating and engaging business audience.

Opportunities For Business On Social Media

Below are some social media business opportunities fresh from 2021 that businesses can capitalize on to succeed in marketing.

Social customer service

Based on reliable statistics, around 70 percent of customers utilize social media for customer service, and about 68 percent can stop working with a firm because of their poor social customer service.

Increasingly, companies are opening social media accounts that focus on offering real-time consumer support. The numbers do speak for themselves. This is one area that has been ignored by many yet it is comes at a cost 6 times lower than other customer support tools like phone calls. If we were to lay the cards on the table, you will find that the social media client support desk costs around one dollar for every interaction while telephone customer support costs about six dollars. As such, companies can save money and create stronger relationship with targeted audiences if they leverage on social media platforms as channels to give their customers happiness and satisfaction.

Employee advocacy

Big companies are missing a great chance to tap their workers and broaden their reach on the social media. Social media analysts believe that a company that embraces an employee advocacy strategy can earn seven times more social media shares. While the Facebook organic reach declines, a company can circumvent the channel’s algorithms by encouraging their employees to post their own content instead. The idea here is to use the employees’ influence to capture the attention of potential customers.

Real-time survey

Social media analysts still believe that real-time surveys can help companies analyze their track performance, customer follow-ups and market command. Also, they can understand their customers’ demographics as well as crowd source creative ideas. In days gone by, companies would take some day outs to conduct surveys and get sufficient responses to come up with conclusive data. However, nowadays, businesses can get instant responses through Facebook polls that they can depend on to make critical decisions.

Recruiting high-impact workers                                                                                     

Bearing in mind that the current day market is very competitive, getting quality and talent is both hard and expensive. But things can be better through the social media. For example, one can use Facebook, twitter and other channels to place job adverts and avoid the hassle of costly recruitments. Moreover, companies can find potential employees who are engaged with their products in one way or another.

Coupling paid and organic strategies

On social media, firms can engage a huge audience without spending a dime on ads. But a strategy that is purely organic forgets the fact that there exist often powerful synergies when a marketer employs a hybrid organic-and-paid approach.

Facebook has come up with advertising platforms that are highly-sophisticated and allow firms to target customers they would have otherwise failed to reach to increase the pace of their marketing efforts. Every advertisement platform comes with characteristics that enable the marketer to retarget people that are not yet paying customers. This enables them to build numerous contact points with potential clients who might have been somehow reluctant to convert during the initial rounds.

Lure local users using superior geo-targeting



Back in time, marketers were limited to the so –called spray and spray approaches hoping that their target audience would see their marketing messages. However, nowadays, we have geo-targeted ads courtesy of social media. Marketers can now follow their target users just anywhere. You can buy targeted Facebook post likes or you can buy USA Instagram followers from BRSM and have this aspect covered like a boss!

Apps like 7dayz and others empower users even more. They can now get to know interesting things that happened in the last one week published or posted by individuals around them everywhere they go. Such apps come with a visual nature that enables businesses to share rich content with users at any time and place.

Social media can be compared to that pair of sports shoes that you forgot at your closet. It not only assist you run, but it also helps you open up new discoveries with every step that you make.