Improving Your Instagram Marketing 2015

Many savvy business people get stumped when it comes to effectively marketing themselves, and their businesses, on Instagram. This is because Instagram is a primarily visual medium. Accordingly, it can be difficult to figure out how you might share your business’ message in both a cohesive and a persuasive manner. To follow are five simple steps for improving your Instagram marketing techniques after you buy real human Instagram followers and likes from us 🙂

  1. Link Your Profile to Content

Many business people make the mistake of thinking that Instagram leads to a narrow and limited representation of their businesses. While there are limitations on the amount of text and information that can be shared, on Instagram, you can link your account to your business’ blog or website. Under your biographical profile, there is a place where users are permitted to insert URLS. Take full advantage of this space by inserting a link to your business blog or website.

Instagram Linked Content

  1. Contextualize Your Images

In all manner of Instagram accounts, users make the mistake of posting without contextualizing. Because this particular network hinges on visual messages, it is your responsibility to create broad and interesting narratives around your business’ posts.

Perhaps you own a retail shop that sells all natural beauty products. Instead of simply snapping a photo of your newest makeups, you will want to post a photo of beautiful and relaxed women wearing these makeups. You are selling a lifestyle-not simply a product. The same philosophy applies to companies which sell services. If you are a landscaping company, you will want to post before and after photos of your latest garden overhaul.

Instagram contextualization


  1. Include a Call to Action

One of the main purposes of your Instagram account is to represent your business: clearly, enticingly and professionally. But the other important aspect of having an account is to expand your business, and to drive sales.

In order to do so effectively, you will want to include a call to action after several posts. Doing so will give people more of an incentive to follow you on Instagram. If your store is having a promotion, include this fact in your post’s description. To sweeten the pot, offer deals for people who like your posts.


Instagram call to action

  1. Appreciate Your Followers

Loyal customers, and followers, like to feel appreciated. By showing your appreciation you effectively reinforce their appreciation for your business, and further establish the kind of loyalty that binds company and customer.

In order to demonstrate your appreciation, you will want to respond to your followers. Comment on posts that you find particularly witty or relevant. Like some of the things that they have to say. This kind of back and forth results in a more cohesive business community; a community that is built to last.

Instagram follower appreciation


  1. Keep it Strategic and Simple

Having an Instagram account, for your business, does not mean that you need to post every thought or new development that comes to fruition. Be consistent with your posts, without being overbearing. A good interval for new posts is once a day, preferably in the mornings. And when it comes to photo descriptions, keep these concise as well. The simpler the message, the more engaged the customer.

simple strategy instagram