How To Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Instagram has, without a doubt, grown with time to become one of the most popular social media platforms. This is mainly due to the fact that influencers, brands, and other Instagrammers feel that it’s an appropriate platform to post their most remarkable photos and short video clips. So the question is how do you optimize your Instagram profile to reap the benefits?

Top 5 Instagram Profile Optimization Tips

In truth, Instagram has attracted large traffic within quite a short period. As such, it’s easy to understand why personal brands and even larger companies use it to interact with their audience more compared to other social media platforms.

If you are looking to optimize your Instagram profile, you have to create a convincing profile so that you can unlock Instagram’s potential. In this article, we will review the tops tips for optimizing your business or personal brand’s Instagram profile for better success:


1. Pay attention to your posting times To Optimize Your Instagram Profile

It’s not usually a good idea to send out your posts, the best ones especially, at any time. Doing so can lead to missing out on likes, follows, and comments to your post. There are many articles and other information sources that specify the best time to post, depending on your niche and audience.

Such information sources provide valuable information. Yet, it’s also a good idea to learn more about your audience. Try to find out more about their most active times, so that you can always schedule your posts around that time.

best instagram posting times

2. Opt for a “Business profile” To Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Did you know that having a business profile can unlock different powerful features that you can use to your advantage? First, with a business profile, you get useful analytics and promotional tools. You can use these to enhance your follower growth as well as improve your posts’ performance.

Secondly, you get a call-to-action button that allows users to contact you with ease. Your audience can reach you via Instagram direct message, SMS, or email for better customer support. Lastly, if you are up to it, you can use paid promotion to “boost” your content with just a few taps. That way, it becomes easier to target and reach a wider audience regardless by boosting your post.

Simply put, an Instagram Business account gives you a lot of flexibility as a social media marketer. It makes it possible to establish a greater and more effective presence on the platform.

Instagram business profile

3. Add a location tag To Optimize Your Instagram Profile

There are so many Instagram users that are more interested in specific location tags. As such, you should consider adding a location tag to the photos that you post. By doing so, you allow people that have an interest in certain locations to discover your profile and possibly follow you for more content. Besides, users can discover your posts with ease when they search a specific location on Instagram.

Instagram Location Tag

4. Use the right hashtags To Optimize Your Instagram Profile

When used correctly, hashtags can increase follower engagement and make it easier for users to discover your profile. Hashtags are essential to optimize your Instagram profile. This is especially true since there is quite a huge number of Instagram users that search and use the discover portion of Instagram.

One of the most effective ways to use the right hashtags is to do a lot of research and find the trending hashtags in your niche. Once you’ve found about 5-10 hashtags, include them in the captions for your posts. You can also change them from post to post so that you can find the ones that work best for your brand.

Another effective method of using hashtags to encourage audience engagement is to follow the hashtags that are related to your niche. After discovering and following the top hashtags, it becomes easier to find out what content does best in a specific hashtag’s feed or story.

By having a look at the type of content that sells better, you can finetune your posts to get better engagement.

Instagram Hash Tags

5. Tell a story To Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Since the release of Instagram Stories in 2016, more and more users have been using the feature to get more eyes on their brands. You can do the same, as long as you focus on telling the right stories that your audience can’t help but notice.

By using the right posts to tell a story on Instagram Stories, you will get your audience to look out for more from you. That way, you can earn more likes, comments, and followers as time goes by.

Instagram stories

Summing up,

The five tips mentioned above will make it easier to start the process of optimizing your Instagram profile for better success with time. Keep in mind that developing a fully optimized Instagram profile requires a good plan and patience in plenty. The staff at RealSocialz is always ready to market your Instagram profile externally but we recommend you follow these steps for the best results possible! Check out all our Instagram promotion services to see what fits in your budget.

Always remember to keep track of your performance and make changes where required. By doing so, you can get ahead of the competition and remain there for a long time.