How to get more Instagram video views?

How to get more Instagram video views?

It is a natural thing in our life that we want to obtain a bigger popularity and love from the others. On the same way, public figure also wants this for their business. Even they get thousands of followers on social media but no one cares about them? Isn’t it frustrating? And video is another medium of communication like writing post or share photos. If you are interesting, you can read another article about How to get more Instagram followers?

Instagram is one of the best social media platform which provides video sharing facility. Here everyone wants to have a great number of viewers on their videos. So here I’m going to share some tips that will be helpful for all those who want to get more views on their videos.

What are the possible ways to get more Instagram video views?

There are so many ways to increase your number of viewers on your video. But I’m going to mention only the tested and effective one for all those who want to have a great popularity.

The first way is to select a right category for your video. Make sure that you have selected the perfect category which is related to the topic of yours.

The next thing you need to do is always post with a good timing. I would suggest you all, you must upload videos when there are many people online on Instagram like early morning or night time.

The third thing is, try to post it on Friday or Saturday because more than 40% of the viewers watch videos on these days.

Another way to get more views on Instagram video is thinking about an eye catchy title for your video. This will be helpful for all those who have a few number of views on their video.

The fifth thing is to have a good number of likes and comments on your videos. May be you can understand it from this way, more like means more viewers and vice versa.

The last but not the least thing is to have a great number of followers on your Instagram account. The reason behind this is, more number of people will watch your video if they see their favorite person has uploaded a new video.

Repost your videos

Reposting video is the most effective way to get more views on your video. You can either repost a video of your favorite public figure or you can even repost a video from another user if it’s really interesting and attractive.

So, I’m concluding this article by saying that we want to have a great popularity on social media. So you can choose any of the above methods to get more Instagram video views, but I would suggest you go with reposting videos because it’s really effective. And lastly, I want to give a big thanks to all those who read this article till the end. Bye!