Guide For Running a Halloween 2015 Social Media Promotion

When you take a look at Halloween stats it’s insane (and somewhat funny) how much cash is spent on Halloween items every year. For example, in 2014 it was $7.4 billion! That’s a lot of money!





Investing aside, there’s no rejecting that Halloween kicks off the holiday season for individuals and for companies.

Viewing as Halloween is such a visual holiday, the ideal Halloween project is one that allows your fans to flaunt their Halloween spirit.

It makes good sense that a sweet maker like Tootsie Roll Industries would get a jump start on this sugar-filled holiday.

Nevertheless, this year Tootsie Rolls took a different method to the popular costume contest. So for today’s Campaign idea we’re highlighting Tootsie Pop’s distinct spin on a Halloween outfit promo. Instead of asking fans to send their costumes, Tootsie Rolls is handing out Tootsie Roll Costumes to a few of their lucky fans.

Here is a quick guide for running a Halloween 2015 social media promotion

1. Enter the Spirit: As I discussed previously, Halloween is a visual vacation. Individuals love sharing photos of their outfits and decors, and they likewise wish to take part in promos that are Halloween themed. At we make it easy for you to style your promotion with our Halloween Style and our Trick or Treat Story template. You can likewise use any of our contest and promo templates and develop them to fit your concept.

2. Appeal to the masses: Not only do people enter the holiday spirit however they get their kids and their animals in it also. In reality, among the most typical Halloween promos we see are pet outfit contests.Tootsie Pops does a fantastic task of involving the “whole” household in their promotion by offering up costume ideas for grownups, children and animals.

3. Leverage various social media networks: Sometimes you need the perfect opportunity to run a promo on Pinterest or Instagram and Halloween is that opportunity. Both the platforms are image based, so consider leveraging that and running a Pin and Win or Instagram video contest.

4. Have actually a paid promotion method: We constantly advise running some advertisements together with your Projects, but this is especially vital throughout the holiday season. Social networks are flooded with promos, offers, discount coupons and offers and it’s even harder (than usual) to be heard through all that noise. Having a paid promotion technique can help get your Campaign in front of your audience. This post perfectly breaks down the 3 most common options for promoting a Project; a promoted post, an improved post or a News Feed advertisement.

Example of Halloween Promotion

Ways to Develop a Halloween Outfit Free gift
Ways to Develop a Halloween Outfit Free gift

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