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Facebook remains, by far, the most used platform for online social interaction. With more than one billion users, or potential likes for your page, spread across different age groups,

Facebook makes for a marketing channel that businesses can use to build a strong customer base. Half of Facebook likers are active every day, making it possible to get them to like your page through regular post updates.

Facebook likes can also be categorized demographically, which means a business can easily create marketing content specific to a particular audience to get real active likes.

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Other social media platforms have audiences that are either too young or too elderly to represent a strong purchasing power. And the good thing with Facebook marketing is, that you can selectively target likes so they are real and active.

Also, these Facebook likes have updates that appear on their timelines when you make a post!

Although Facebook started off as a way for people to interact, the reach it commanded over the years changed things. This reach is expanded even more when you purchase real active likes for Facebook because the more people that like your page the better!

The Facebook community grew tremendously, with users joining from every demographic segment and geographical location, more so young adults.


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