Facebook Timeline Tips for Small Companies

As a small company, you know it is necessary to have a Facebook presence. Millions of individuals like brands on Facebook, and being a small business offers you more individual connections and likability.

You wish to ensure your timeline is the very best it can be to maximize Facebook’s advantage for you.

Here are 10 Facebook Timeline Tips for Small companies

1. Pick a Great Profile and Cover Picture

These photos are going to be your impression. Your profile image can be a company logo or mascot, but your cover can be more imaginative. You can use a team image, product screen or design something particular for this purpose.

2. Use a Cover Call-to-Action

You have the choice to put a button in the lower best corner of your cover. The button can connect to a website of your choosing. Button choices include:

  • Reserve Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Video game
  • Store Now
  • Sign Up
  • Enjoy Video

You can also consist of the URL of the mobile variation of the webpage, if suitable.

3. Focus on Image Sizes

You desire your images to look good, so focus on sizes. Here are the sizes of frequently utilized images:

  • Profile: 180 × 180 pixels
  • Cover: 851 px large and 351 px tall
  • Shared images: 1200 × 1200 px

4. Use Apps

There are lots of apps you can connect your Facebook page with, and these apps can appear at the top with tabs as well as have their own area in the column on the left.

One app that’s great to consist of is the alternative to register to your e-mail newsletter. A lot of e-mail marketing service providers will have an app you can utilize to connect the two.

5. Include Turning points

Milestone posts have a really popular display with a picture, headline, date, area and other information. Business milestones can be a brand-new product launch, accomplishments or special events.



6. Highlight Posts

One way you can accentuate vital material is by highlighting a post. To do this, just click the edit icon in the upper right corner of your post and click the “Highlight” alternative. This will add a star mark in the upper right corner.

7. Pin Posts

Pinning is another method to accentuate a specific post. When you pin a post, it appears at the top of your timeline. You can only pin one post at a time, which post will stay pinned for seven days, or up until you unpin it. To pin, click the edit icon in the upper right corner and choose “Pin to Top.” And orange tag in the upper right corner will note a pinned post.

Due to the fact that a pinned post is at the top, it’s great to post something that will benefit newbie visitors.

8. Set Your Featured Tabs

You can have 3 tabs noted on your primary page, the rest will be kept under the “More” choice.

9. React to Comments Rapidly

Whenever individuals comment on your posts or photos, make certain to reply quickly. This is specifically real if it’s a question or grievance, but even complimentary posts are worthy of a “thank you.”.

10. Add Videos.

Videos are increasing in appeal, with Facebook users posting 75 % more videos than they were a year ago. Producing short but amusing videos will enable you to connect with users on the medium they delight in.

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