Facebook Likes versus Facebook Followers: Parsing the Distinction

If you are hoping to grow your business online, using Facebook as a marketing tool will be vital to your success. Because Facebook is a relatively new tool—within the business realm—many people have posed questions about this medium’s features. For example, what is the main distinction between Facebook ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ in a business sense? Here, this distinction is elucidated.

Facebook likes are business pages and Facebook followers are on personal pages. 

There are ups and downs for using either or for your business. When using a business Facebook page you can advertise with Facebook CPC but unfortunatley all your post won’t be seen by all your likes. You can turn the public followers option on in your personal profile and more people will see yopur posts but so will all your friends and family to! IF you business is so mixed with your personal life than advertising your business of you personal profile while building Facebook followers may be the option for you.


Facebook Currencies in Transition

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Several years back, businesses just beginning to grow themselves strove to acquire Facebook likes. During that time, a Facebook like was the most powerful sign of success and relevance that a business could obtain.

To say that the more powerful currency is now Facebook followers, does not mean that Facebook likes have lost their relevance. The transition simply means that businesses can benefit more broadly from being followed—on Facebook—than simply being liked.

What it Means to Be Followed

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When people sign up to ‘follow’ your business on Facebook, this means that they wish to be notified of your business’ progress. Perhaps you own a retail shop and use Facebook as a way of posting pictures of exciting new products. All of your followers will be notified, in their news feeds, of these new trends. Alternatively, you might like to post daily statuses that will draw attention to in-store promotions. Your Facebook followers will similarly be notified of these incredible business deals. You can  buy Facebook followers from us also to get traction on your personal turned business page.

To form a contrast, being ‘liked’ on Facebook does not establish such a wide-reaching relationship. If someone enjoyed their business experience with you, they may choose to ‘like’ your Facebook page. Doing so is a way of promoting a business they like, without having to follow all of that business’ marketing ventures on a daily basis.

How Your Business Can Benefit

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Businesses everywhere benefit from Facebook ‘likes’ and ‘followers.’ As your numbers increase—with regards to these features—so does the sense that your business is one worth frequenting.

One benefit of garnering more Facebook ‘likes’ is that the more you receive, the higher up your page will land in a user’s search results. As a result, it becomes more probable that people will come across your site while searching for products and services similar to those offered by you.

By gaining an increasing number of Facebook followers you not only expand the territory of your business, but also improve the relationship you have with your clientele. Having people follow your business on Facebook allows them to profit from neat promotions that only Followers will be notified of. This means that following your business, on Facebook, lends these consumers real privileges that they will appreciate. In addition, your followers can follow any content about your business that you might share. Because people are becoming more intelligent consumers—given the economic downturn—sharing content about your products and services is a great way of establishing your business as the best of its kind.

All in all businesses benefit greatly from receiving Facebook ‘likes’ and ‘followers’—albeit in different ways. Whether you are looking to buy US Facebook likes or real Facebook followers you should definatley give us a shot. We do it right so you can get back to running your business and not building likes!. So take the time to build a presence—on this site—that is truly representative of your brand.