How do you Earn Money through the platform of SoundCloud?


In today’s world, everything is about ‘making money’.  It is the underlying motive behind all our actions.  Our motto in life is to make money and spend it too! Right from earning a living, to spending on luxuries, there are various ways in which an individual earns money. Projects are undertaken with due diligence of the funds as the expenses are required to be known beforehand. In such a situation, can an artistic work be on the list of works that are funded by investors/companies?  What about SoundCloud? How do you earn money through this platform?

What is SoundCloud?

This article starts off by giving the reader a brief history of how this platform began and its future prospects.  The next part is all about the ways in which you can earn money through SoundCloud. The third section discusses reasons that might stop investors/companies from investing in artists on SoundCloud. And the last section talks about the article’s conclusion.

History of SoundCloud:

In 2007, Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss founded this US-based company that allows its users to upload, promote and share music/audio files.  The first version of this platform was called as ‘SoundCloud’ and later in 2008, the company released its iOS and Android apps.  In 2014, the users of this platform had exceeded 170 million with a total upload of 12 hours worth of audio.

SoundCloud allows individuals to share their original music and covers with other people on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The profile page for each artist has a ‘follow’ button, which allows users to follow them. Through the user’s ‘likes’, the platform suggests other artists for him/her to listen to and download.

Various methods to earn money through SoundCloud:

Sponsorship/Ad campaigns

This is a popular method that allows brands and companies to promote their products, services or ideas which will attract the attention of masses. A company usually pays a specific amount for running an ad campaign on the user’s playlist. They can even pick the genre of their choice on which they want to focus.

SoundCloud has close ties with various companies such as Adobe, MTV and Twitter; this allows them to advertising more frequently on the platform.

Subscription/Free trial

This is an additional feature that can be availed by a user for a certain time period. The subscription is usually offered with the monthly fee of $9.

This feature provides users access to some tools that are usually paid for on this platform. They allow the user to download unlimited audio tracks, high quality uploads and commercial free streaming.

The artist needs to keep in mind that he/she should provide more number of free downloads if they want

Art forms such as music, painting, and literature contribute a lot to the society. These artists work with limited resources and do their best in creating art that is appreciated by all. Some of these artistes are independent, while others have an agent who promotes them and helps wire money from those interested in listening to or attending their events.  SoundCloud is one such platform for artists to showcase their voice and abilities. This company not only gives its users tools, but also helps the artists with the financial assistance they require so that they can experience success in their artistic endeavors. The way this platform pays its artistes is by hosting ads on their website/app. Artists are free to choose whether they want to use the platform’s monetization tool for their content or not. The company has also included a subscription option for its users, which gives them access to more features. This platform is one of the best places for artists looking forward to making it big in the world of music and literature.

SoundCloud is an innovative platform that has opened up the world of music and literature to people of all ages. This company not only allows its users to upload their content, but also helps them monetize it by running ads on their page/app. The artists get a chance to bring in some amount of money from their audience members. Also, they can avail the services of a paid subscription that gives them access to more features. This platform is an extremely helpful place for people who want their artistic dreams to come true.

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