What Happens After You Get 100 YouTube Subscribers?

This article was a guest post by one of our clients regarding their experience trying to get 100 Youtube subscribers while first starting a channel. Although they work with us now and have thousands you will read how hard and frustrating it can be doing it by yourself!

Does YouTube get easier after 100 subscribers?

I started uploading videos to YouTube about 2 months ago.

Getting to 100 YouTube subscribers

I’ve been making videos for a while, and it got to the point where I wanted to make my own channel.  At the time of creating the channel, there weren’t many people watching (especially not enough to get any feedback), and nothing was really happening with the videos.  Just about a month ago, I started uploading consistently.  Since then, I’ve been getting more and more views on the videos.

The channel is currently sitting at 97 subscribers, but it’s going up by 2 every week or two.  I’m curious whether this is a constant pattern with YouTube channels in general,  or if it’s just because my views are increasing.

How long did it take to get 100 subscribers?

I got 100 subscribers in about a month.  So it took me, on average, 2 weeks to get an additional subscriber after my initial gain of 97.

Is it easier to build an audience when you’re consistent?

It’s easier to build a YouTube channel when they are consistent because that is what the viewers want.    Viewers come to see new videos the same day, at the same time every week/month.  It makes it easier for subscribers to know when new content is being uploaded.

Do more views on your videos help gain subscribers more quickly?

Yes, definitely.  When you have a lot of views, your video will get recommended more. When your video gets recommended more, people will click on it more often.

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This means that you can get into the “Recently Subscribed” section of the subscribers’ homepages which is where they subscribe from.  If you’re in there and you have a lot of views and decent engagement (likes and comments) you’ll get a lot of subscribers.

How many views do I need on my channel for people to subscribe?

I think it depends on how often you upload and what kind of content you have.  I have a wide range of videos, so some are very popular (electric guitar lesson), while others are less popular (cover song)  So if you upload frequently enough, I think you can get to 100 subscribers with about 500-700 views per video.

Does it help to have a lot of views but few subscribers? Will that be taken into consideration when people go to subscribe?

It’s never good to have fewer subscribers than views because it looks like your channel isn’t good enough to get subscribers.  If you have traffic but not enough people like what they see, then you’re wasting your time on YouTube.

You can always switch to Vimeo or any other platform for hosting videos if views are the only thing that matter to you but I suggest you buy real USA YouTube subscribers from RealSocialz to avoid all that!

So it takes, on average, about two weeks to see an additional subscriber after gaining 97 subscribers initially.  The number of views needed to get 100 Youtube subscribers depends on how often you upload and what kind of content you have.

If you have a lot of views but few subscribers, people are less likely to subscribe because it looks like your content isn’t good enough.  It’s always better to have more subscribers than views.  That way, you’ll know they like your videos and want to see more.

I hope my article answered your question!  If not, leave a comment below, and I’ll answer it as quickly as possible!