Do Instagram likes matter?

Do Instagram likes matter?



Do Instagram likes matter?

According to, there’s no question that yes they do matter. Instagram is a social network that people use to connect with friends and family, but it is also used as an advertising tool where users can get more likes and followers, which will create revenue for them. A profile with 100,000 followers is more respected than a profile with 10,000 followers. If their content is good, they’ll probably get at least some of the likes they deserve.

Do Likes Matter?

Perez’s article mentions that “Instagram is all about social media stalking your friends, who like every tiny little thing you post, and it seems like everyone gets a gazillion likes” (Hilton).  He continues with the fact that it is human nature to judge others by their likes and when you see photos of people getting thousands of likes, you automatically think they are important and popular.  This is why Instagram has such a big influence on humans today, and why getting likes is such a big deal.  People want to feel like they are important and recognized; therefore, they want likes on their photos to make them feel better about themselves.

Another important point mentioned in Perez’s article is that acquiring likes and followers make the users feel like they are better than others, which leads to an increase in self-esteem.  When people see your photos and see you have thousands of likes, they automatically think you must be rich, popular, or famous and that gives them a reason to like you.  The idea of people liking your photos because they think you are important will make the users become obsessed with their Instagram likes, which is why it matters.

What visible likes do

Perez Hilton mentions that all this obsession over likes has led to new apps being developed for social media.  For example, some apps allow users to pay for likes and impress their friends.  Another app called Hootsuite allows you to view people who have liked your photos and also go back in time and see all the previous likes on your photos.  In addition, some apps allow users to promote their Instagram photos by placing them on billboards.

Perez Hilton also mentions that it is easy to buy followers and likes, but that it is hard to tell if they are real or not because they have profiles with very little information about them.  He continues saying that buying followers can give you more likes, but this doesn’t.

In conclusion, Instagram likes does matter because people use it as advertisement tool and in the end all they want is recognition and likes.  Also, promoting your Instagram business page can lead to more interactions between businesses and customers.