6 Golden Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

How To Optimize YouTube Channels

YouTube is, without a doubt, the leading video marketing platform for businesses, small and large alike. With more than 2 billion monthly logged-in users (https://blog.youtube/press/) using the platform according to YouTube, channel owners have a large potential audience for their content.

Analytics from the Think with Google page state that YouTube mobile users are up to 2 times more attentive when watching videos on YouTube compared to TV users watching TV (https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/data-collections/youtube-stats-video-consumption-trends/). But this does not mean that these prospects will find you automatically.

You have to optimize your YouTube channel to make it more user-friendly and better at attracting views. One fact to keep in mind while optimizing your YouTube channel is that YouTube is the second largest search engine. As such, if you optimize your channel the right way, you might see positive effects on your SERP ranking.

The following are 6 golden rules to get you started with optimizing your YouTube channel


  1. Use target keywords wisely on your YouTube channel

If you learn the trick of using keywords the right way, then you will be a happy YouTube channel owner. Keywords can improve the ranking of your videos since people search YouTube for video content just like they search on Google.

In that light, it’s a good idea to ensure that your video titles have some keywords embedded in them. That way, if users search for something related to the keyword, your video will more than likely appear in the results. In addition to incorporating keywords into the title of your videos, you should also add them to the description, tags, and transcript of the video, if you have one.

If possible, consider adding a keyword related to your niche into the name of your YouTube channel. That way, your target audience can find the channel with ease when they perform searches related to the keyword.

  1. Fill the “About Us” section on your YouTube channel

Did you know that the 48-character “About Us” section is usually displayed in search results? The “About Us” section makes it easier for new users to know what your channel is all about. That way, they can decide whether to check it out or not. Your “About Us” section should be rich in details and should include the right keywords as that will enhance visibility.

  1. Create the perfect YouTube channel trailer

Your channel trailer can be said to be the “red carpet” of your channel. It introduces your audience to what they should know about your channel and can make or break how you want to market your channel. The trailer should have a wow factor that makes the members of your target audience feel interested and want to explore your YouTube channel for more.

  1. Pay attention to the intro of your videos

The first 15 seconds is the period within which most viewers decide whether they will keep watching the video. If your viewers don’t find a convincing reason to keep watching your video during this period, they will definitely leave without a like, comment, or subscription.

In worst-case scenarios, failing to pay attention to the intros of your videos many times can be damaging. Some of the subscribed users might decide to opt-out due to frustration, reducing the growth of your channel.

  1. Create perfect video thumbnails

Gone are the days when YouTube channel owners were confined to using static splash screens. These days, you can use your creativity to create thumbnails that will attract attention from potential viewers. Just be sure not to use deceptive thumbnails – lots of users loath being click baited. You can make use of banners, optimized thumbnail text, and dynamic colors to create an impactful thumbnail.

  1. Include links to other social platforms other than YouTube

You don’t want your user engagement and interaction plan to end at sharing, liking, commenting, and subscribing. It’s a good idea to include the links to your social media platforms so that your audience can interact with you more closely.

With such links, they can connect and interact with you on your social platforms. They can also extend their engagement to the platforms. In return, you can inform them whenever you upload new content on YouTube.

In conclusion,

The above are six golden ways to optimize your YouTube channels so that you can reap good results. With these tips and tricks, you are bound to get more viewership, likes, comments, and ultimately, increased subscriptions. You can always buy USA YouTube subscribers from us also!

It may take some time to get there, but once you implement these tips, you will start to notice some changes, however slight they might be. Whenever you implement a YouTube channel optimization strategy, take some time to study the effect it has on your channel for better progress tracking.

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